磷生铁Phosphorus Pig Iron

执行标准/Operative Norm: Q/LYZT 002-2012


Since the state control of the scale of production and environmental indicators for the aluminum industry,domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises have a fierce competition focus on saving energy,improving environment and technology.In order to adapt to the technological transformation of the domestic aluminum industry, our company cooperated with related experts and technical staff in aluminum industry,developed a new product called phosphorus pig iron in July 2000. The product is cast iron of Five components which are carbon,silicon,sulfur,phosphorus, manganese are controlled in the range of various indicators and technology requirements of anodic aluminum casting,which changed the mixed ingredients processes with phosphorus iron,ferrosilicon,ferromanganese and pig iron in the past.By practical use,the effect is significant in recent years,which got high praise of aluminum industry experts and engineering technicians.Products share over 50% of domestic users,and export to Malaysia, Kazakhstan,Vietnam and other countries.


This product is special phosphorus iron for the electrolytic aluminum anode steel claw and anode carbon block casting connections,it can adapt to intermediate frequency furnace,power frequency furnace and cupola.


Chemical composition can be produced by ratio according to the actual circumstance of enterprise’s requirements.






Phosphorus pig iron do not need to be mixed with ferrophosphorus,ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, and pig iron by ratio,which not only simplifies the anode casting process,saving time and effort,and to solve the problem of powder caused by efflorescence,broken of ferrosilicon,ferrophosphorus and manganese,cost and pollution caused by oxidation and volatilization.It played irreplaceable role for civilization production and environmental compliance.

The content of five elements in phosphorus pig iron are stable and accurate. Compared with the group process,100-150 ℃ of the melting point can be reduced, and 15 minutes of each furnace melting time can be shortened,thus saving electricity, fuel and improving work efficiency.

The process of special phosphorus cast iron used in electrolytic cell can make the iron carbon pressure drop in the whole series stable and consistent.It’s  advantageous for the adjustment of electrolytic production technology conditions and it laid a solid foundation to the stable improvement of the economic and technical index.

When using phosphorus iron for casting, It’s with good liquidity,pouring flat and smooth.Anti graphitization advantage is significant after cooling and easy to remove.It can prolong the service life of the steel talons if the long term use of the product.

It has good adhesive strength the material of the steel claw and the carbon,so that to ensure to avoid loss of the anode during the electrolysis .

1、磷生铁的循环使用周期关键在于阳极组装车间的细化管理及责任心,前两三次的使用,各元素基本保持在规定的指标范围内,之后若干次的使用在保证磷生铁正常状态下,每次高温熔化过程中各元素都有新的变化,根据各元素变化的多少来调控磷生铁和磷铁环的投炉循环使用比例,比如磷生铁与磷铁环的比例为2∶8 3∶7 5∶5 6∶4 7∶3……这样即保证铁水的流动性好又使磷生铁各元素保持良好指标。



The use of regulation when recycled use of phosphorus pig iron and phosphorus hoop  

ng to the actual circumstance of enterprise’s requirements.

1.The key to phosphorus pig iron recycle period is the fine management and sense of responsibility of anode assembly shop,the basic content of each element will keep within the scope of the regulation of index in the use of first two or three times, after several times of using,each element has new change in high temperature melting process while the state of phosphorus iron is normal.The recycle usage ratio of phosphorus pig iron and phosphorus iron ring is decided according to the changes in the elements of phosphorus iron,such as the proportion of phosphorus iron and phosphorus iron ring is 2:8 3:7, 5:5 6:4 7:3...It can guarantee good liquidity of molten iron and keep each element of phosphorus iron with good indicator.

2.If the carbon content in molten iron with proportion of phosphorus pig iron and phosphorus iron hoop is low,special carburant can be added in it to increase the content of carbon,and if sulfur content beyond the scope,add the dedicated desulfurizer and sulphur can be controlled within the prescribed scope.The adding amount is up to the content of carbon and sulfur in phosphorus iron.

3.Special cleaner agent can be added to avoid excessive impurities in the melting of phosphorus iron and phosphorus iron ring in proportion,thus improving casting quality and qualified rate.